Last year, we started working on content for what was once only a small startup, but which is no longer the case, thanks to its innovative messaging, calling and video calling service app. This startup later attracted the attention of a company that owns one of the world’s most famous social networks and the popular app is now used as the main communication tool by people in Latin America, large parts of Europe and Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

The texts we translate are intended for use on the official website and come as two different types. Either as marketing messages, announcing news and upcoming features that users can look forward to in the near future, or as texts of a legal nature, informing users about updated terms of service or privacy policy.  

In addition to standard translation and proofreading, we also localize the content of any accompanying images in these articles or promotional materials. The final quality is later checked during the so-called ICR (In-Context Review). The purpose of this step is to detect any potential errors before the content is published. In addition to this, we also provide a further service, so called cultural checks, where we can point out any inappropriateness of the content for the Slovak environment or problems that might occur when attempting to translate the name of an additional service or function. 

One of the advantages of localizing content for such a well-known application is that it is actively used by our linguists, too. Thanks to this, they feel closer to it, they know its specifics and interface, which they can build on during the translation process, and at the same time, they enjoy working on such content even more. 



Industry: Technology, IT, Communication

Project Duration: Approximately 1 year until now 

Project volume: Approx. 90 000 words 

Project Type: Translation and proofreading, ICR, cultural checks

Target Languages: From English to Slovak

Feedback: Only positive

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