Juremy, a tool for searching legislative terminology translations in EU reference documents 


Juremy is an extremely useful tool for searching specialized terminology and phrases in the translation of legal texts immediately, without filling out complex search forms and further clicking. Every month, our company exe turns around thousands of pages of legal texts for EU institutions and it is the exclusive translation supplier for the European Commission. Juremy has proven itself to be a universal, effective and precise search tool. When it comes to translations for institutions of the European Union, this unique tool has almost completely eliminated the significantly more time-consuming methods applied to date for researching and verifying legal terminology, phrases and other reference text fragments. Our own translators can no longer imagine translating without Juremy. 

Here are a few opinions from translators and editors from our team who work on European Commission translations that are highly demanding in terminology: 

  • Juremy greatly simplifies our work with translations and saves time by supplying relevant search results on the translation of specific words or phrases in a clear manner. With translations for the European Commission (EC) we can take inspiration from the search results or rely on them completely, while resting assured that the translation meets the quality criteria and specific particulars from the field of EC legal regulations, and others. 
  • Unlike searches on the portal EUR-Lex, in Juremy we get to see the Slovak translation of a specific expression in the source language, and we also have the context and data about the document. The document source is also available via an online link, so there is no need to search for it separately if we need to consult it. 
  • Additionally, Juremy integrates the IATE terminology database and although it is a separate database from EUR-Lex, if there is an exact IATE match, Juremy is able to display the target language version of term in question, so the translator is able to see if the term can be found in the database at all. 
  • This software is simple to use, user-friendly and effectively complemented by graphic symbols that let you identify the specific area to which the search term refers, so the term is used appropriately in the specific context. 
  • We use Juremy regularly in all translations for the EU. It is indispensable to us, an investment that reaps returns daily. 


Some replies from a survey among our translators might help you when considering the benefits of this tool.  

  • How is Juremy most useful for translators?  

The real benefit is that you just enter a phrase, term or part of a sentence into Juremy and if these have already been translated in some EU regulation or EU Court case-law, Juremy will find the document. Phrases, terms and sentences can be filtered by area or type of regulation. When translating EU texts, we couldn’t imagine working without it. So far, no other tool has offered a similar level of effective terminology support for translation as Juremy.  

  • What’s it like working with Juremy? 

It’s a simple tool to use, clear and extremely user-friendly. The visual interface is minimalistic and practical and it is very quick to navigate. There is just one field in which you enter the searched term.  

  • How do you evaluate the ratio of price and utility of Juremy? 

If a translator works primarily on legal texts or texts for European institutions, this tool is definitely a worthwhile investment.  

  • Can a complete novice also work with Juremy? 

Of course. Simplicity is one of the many strengths of this tool. No training is required to use it.  

  • What is a key feature of Juremy? 

Its fundamental benefit is how it speeds up the translation process and gives you a high degree of confidence that it offers guaranteed suggestions from high-quality database sources. If any other means were used for searching, linguists would lose a lot of time. 

  • Is Juremy a kind of “daily bread” for the translator? 

Absolutely yes, if you work with EU legislative texts. Although Juremy was primarily designed for the legal translator’s use case, it can also prove useful for EU-regulation based technical translations. EU databases are full of linguistically well-crafted translations of terminology, phrases and expressions that can be used universally when translating any text. 

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