At exe, we have been regularly working on marketing translations for one of the world’s leading technology companies. This company is known for its smartphones, computers, and laptops, as well as tablets and watches and the project has been running successfully for almost one and a half years. In addition, we have been translating product help articles for them on a periodic basis for several years.

These translations include content from the official website, where the latest news is published based on a precise schedule. For example, recently it mentioned a new smartphone model, new operating system features, an improved camera, an upgraded chip, added shooting modes, new case colors or watch bands suitable for various sports activities. For this reason, our work requires not only skilled linguists, but also sufficient time flexibility and capacity planning so that we can deliver a quality translation to the client, often with a same-day turnaround.


From a linguistic and content point of view, it is extremely important that these translations carry the unique light conversational tone that is typical for the brand in English, but at the same time sound natural and engaging to the Slovak recipient. This approach must also be used when conveying information such as disk capacity or battery life, which are usually quite brief and concise.


Another stipulation is that due to a tight time frame, several independent teams work on this project simultaneously, so it is extremely important to constantly check the online translation memory on the server, where the translations from other linguists are recorded in real time. In this way we can achieve a consistency of the texts and the entire promotional campaign as great as possible. 





Industry: IT, technology, e-commerce, online advertising, cloud storage, communication services 

Project Duration: Marketing (from September 2021), help articles (irregularly from approximately 2015)

Project volume: Aprox. 100 000 words every year. 

Project Type: Translation and proofreading

Target Languages: Slovak (English to Slovak)

Feedback: From the very beginning of our cooperation with this technology company, we have received only positive feedback from our customer regarding the translation quality.

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