Swift, economic, terminologically accurate and error-free translation of product labels is an issue that many producers and distributors of foods, cosmetics and other products have to resolve. This is no easy task because if not handled properly, it could seriously disrupt the timely distribution of goods and increase the risk of fines and other negative consequences. 

The content of labels is governed by various EU regulations (e.g. EU Regulation on food information to consumers) and the different legislation in individual countries. The accuracy of label texts is overseen by competent state authorities. Errors in content are subject to fines and may cause the seller major financial losses (and a product recall). This strict approach is understandable because incorrect information about allergies on labels could theoretically have fatal consequences.

A brief informative summary of what food product labels should contain can be found on these web pages of the European Union:

ENG: https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/product-requirements/food-labelling/general-rules/index_en.htm 

With this in mind, the company exe has developed software support technology for the translation of food and other product labels, which ensures greater accuracy of the translation and minimizes the risk of errors. This technology lets you:

– save up to 60% on costs compared to a translation done in the standard manner, 

– greatly increase the accuracy and terminological consistency of the translation,

– cut the time required for translating and quality control, 

– fully recycle identical parts of already translated parts of product labels for use in similar products. 






Industry: Food and drugstore products 

Project Duration: Approx. 4 years

Project volume: Approx. 240,000 words

Project Type: Food product labels translation

Target Languages: From German into Slovenian and Slovak

Feedback: Only positive

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