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Machine Translation

The New Paradigm in Language Services

The aim of Machine Translation (MT) technology is to make translation faster and cheaper. MT has made amazing progress in this regard in recent years, especially for certain combinations of Western languages in technically oriented domains. It has been proven without a doubt that MT in certain circumstances is capable of producing good literal translations. Thus, exe fully grasps MT as a new and influential power that is becoming a firm and important part of the translation business, and forecasts an even brighter future for it.


Nevertheless, for certain domains and language pairs, especially Western languages combined with Eastern European ones, MT is still a long way from being more effective than the usual human translation.

exe actively monitors developments in MT technologies, and pays special attention to Central and Eastern European (CEE) languages – especially Slavic ones, those most problematic from an MT point of view. Thus the high number of requests for post editing of CEE texts that were pre-translated by an MT engine was accepted as challenge. And it is exe’s pleasure to announce it has highly competent and experienced MT post-editing teams for these languages, in order to serve our clients.

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